Dear our employees, customers, partners! Congratulations on the New Year and Christmas holidays!

Every year we all look forward to this wonderful holiday with some magical trepidation. Someone glues a collage of dreams, someone draws a family budget, someone looks with interest in a box of wishes written exactly a year ago, and is surprised to find that much has happened… And every time we think that next year will definitely be better the previous one, that all sorrows and worries will remain in the outgoing year, and the new year will bring only joyful and bright events.

We wish you prosperity, good luck, good health and good health in everything next year. Be happy in the New Year, love, rejoice and dream. Turn your dreams into goals and go for them! Be true to yourself and your traditions. Love and appreciate family and friends. Take the challenges of life with a light heart! Be bold and sincere. Go ahead. Grow, look for new horizons and stay with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Director of the Kamrat Group of Companies Alexei Abusov.